Monday, February 14, 2011

Drawings From the Winter Solstice

Craig Dolan is an artist influenced by mythology, science fiction, and the media. His current series of drawings serve to catalogue the constantly expanding world of Tan'Kura, a land that lies on a different universal plane. He has an ongoing interest in alchemy, which is evident from his numerous displays of potions, herbs, and elemental tables. Cryptozoology is also represented in depictions of mythological beasts that are accompanied by physical and behavioral descriptions. An impeccable memory, combined with improvisation, serves in revising ideas on a nearly obsessive level, which is evident after noting numerous revisions of a single map or character. When an idea is improved upon, the drawings of earlier stages are sometimes destroyed or disregarded. Craig is tireless when orating his knowledge of Tan'Kura, and some ideas are so abstract that one must view his work to make connections. This blog will serve to show new artwork that is otherwise hidden from the public.